Thursday, 30 June 2011


The Jam sessions are going strong. Lead by the great John Geggie... here is about yesterday in his own words:

"so, we are in the middle of the run, middle of the week and the really serious committed listeners are coming out to the jams...they are great - attentive, supportive and there to the bitter end.

Nancy and I were joined in the house trio by drummer Ethan Ardelli who will be playing at the sessions with us for the remainder of the week. The first set was fun..I always look forward to our mini-set at the beginning of the evening.

the first group up to play consisted of players from the Galaxie Youth Summit and augmented by local alto player Dan Ko and Humber College student Ian Wright on drums....they played two tunes as I recall...

next up, I switched the planned order a bit because the trio of young Israeli pianist Omri Mor wanted to do a tune; they had just arrived after 20 hours of travelling and STILL they wanted to play a bit. Despite their exhaustion they played two tunes as a trio and they were burning...

the 3rd configuration consisted of me joined by local pianist Steve Boudreau and guitarist Lucas Hanemann along with Ian Wright on drums. We did three tunes (something I can't remember right now, Willow Weep for Me & I'll Remember April). Lucas was in fine form indeed, particularly on the slow grooving Willow.

the final group up last night consisted of a mix of the Galaxie kids with Ethan and Nancy..after two tunes, we closed things down a little after 2am

the audience has hanging in and I got many comments on the how much they are enjoying the jam sessions in the new venue....

in the meantime, Vijay Iyer and Tigran Hamassyan were having a chat near the back, along with Peter Hum and others...."

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