Sunday, 3 July 2011


From the Jam Session leader John Geggie:

"well, things are winding along to the again, the Lounge at the ARC was full of listeners right to the end...they were enthusiastic (meaning I had to shush them from time to time)

after a satisfying opening set with Nancy and Ethan, we invited up guitarist Ted Quinlan (from Nancy's group) to play 3 tunes, ending with a faster/latin version of a Miles Davis tune, Blue in Green (which is usually played as a slow ballad).

there was a quick turnover to allow Flecktone pianist Howard Levy to play two tunes with me and Ethan. He was exhausted and had to get on the bus shortly..he said he would one tune but he was there for two tunes (Stella by Starlight and You Don't Know what Love Is).

The Galaxie Youth participants played three tunes in various combinations and we closed the night off with the three members of Phronesis playing a piece of theirs together.

a full and satisfying evening of music.


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