Friday, 22 June 2012

JUNE 22 - What You Need To Know

DAY 2!
A spectacular day, and one for the true jazz lovers through and through!

Today's weather is looking not quite as hot as yesterday and no rain in sight!

Here is what is going on:


12pm @ Rideau Center (FREE)

The Tim Bedner Group - one of the busiest guitarists in Ottawa. He has a beautiful sense of melody and and writes really great songs as well. One of his songs "Aurora" is featured on our Valley Giants 2012 Compilation which you can get for free.
Tim Bedner – guitar
Norm Glaude – contrabass, harmonica
Jeff Asselin – drums

12pm @ OLG Daytime (FREE)

Steve Bilodeau Group
These are some young lions... with ties to Montreal, they put all kinds of influences into a driving jazz package
Steve Bilodeau – guitar
Alex Bilodeau – bass
Peter Hum – piano
Michele Delage – drums

8pm @ Brookstreet Hotel (FREE)

Steve Berndt & Brian Browne
Steve Berndt - vocals
Brian Browne - piano
Steve Berndt is known as a soulfull singer, fine trombone player and the leader of Ottawa's premier jump-blues band called The Jivewires. You can catch this band on saturday and learn to swing dance as well. Meanwhile this is a really nice project by Steve and the fluent and powerful pianist Brian Browne

6pm @ Main Stage - Great Canadian Series

Montreal based saxophonist and composer, Joel is a great lyrical and melodic tenor saxophonist. This project is a recent CD release entitled "Swim" with the renowned Geoff Keezer on piano.


7pm @ NAC's Fourth Stage

Liane Carroll – vocals, piano
Roger Carey – bass, guitar
Mark Fletcher – drums

Liane Carroll is a powerful singer from the UK. She is super charismatic, with a big voice, and she is here promoting her new record on which Kenny Wheeler guests.

9pm @ NAC's Fourth Stage

Ig Henneman Sextet
Ig Henneman – viola and compositions
Ab Baars – tenor sax, clarinet, shakuhachi
Axel D̦rner Рtrumpet
Lori Freedman – bass clarinet, clarinet
Wilbert de Joode – contrabass
Marilyn Lerner – piano
A sveteran improviser with a european-based band including some great additions from Montreal and Toronto

7pm & 9pm at NAC Studio

Kenny Barron & Dave Holland Duo
This is the first night of Dave Holland's residency and it will be fabulous! Dave Holland, who if you do not know about, got his start with Miles Davis will be performing this evening with legendary pianist Kenny Barron. 


7:30pm @ Concerts Under The Stars - Main Stage Confederation Park

Ninety Miles
Stefon Harris – vibraphone
Nicholas Payton – trumpet
David Sanchez – saxophone
TBD – piano
Luques Curtis – bass
Henry Cole – drums
Mauricio Hererra – percussion
Ninety Miles is the distance between mainland US and Cuba and this project draws attention to the invisible border that this band musically crosses. This band is star-studded and full-on jazz!

9pm @ Concerts Under The Stars - Main Stage Confederation Park

The Fellowship Band
Brian Blade – drums
Jon Cowherd – piano
Melvin Butler – tenor and soprano saxophone
Myron Walden – alto saxophone and bass clarinet
Christopher Thomas – bass
One of the most sought after drummers! You might have seen him last year with Daniel Lanois or previously with Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock. Brian Blade is as explosive as he is sensitive and just such a joy to watch whatever project he is involved with. This is his band that draws on everything from pop to country.

10:15pm OLG Late Night - opening set

Dry River Caravan
John Aaron Cockburn – accordion, piano, vocals
Matt Smith – bouzouki, vocals
Daniel Grewal – upright bass
Liam Smith – drums, vocals
Robin Meyer-MacLeod – clarinet, vocals
Craig Pedersen – trumpet
Their own description sums this band up well: "Dry River Caravan is a 6-piece folk dance band from Ottawa, Ontario. Songwriter John Aaron Cockburn takes folk traditions from East and West and thoughtfully blends them together with evocative lyricism and undeniably catchy melodic sensibilities"

11:15pm OLG Late Night - main show

Dan Bejar – vocals
John Collins – bass
Joshua Wells – drums
JP Carter – trumpet
Nicolas Bragg – guitar
David Carswell – guitar
Ted Bois – keyboards
Joseph Shabason – sax
Definitely a band on the up and up. From Vancouver, this jazz inspired indie project is going to be really fun


9:30pm @ Mercury Lounge

Projeto Coisa Fina
This is a twelve piece band coming straight from Brazil. The Brazilian Embassy has helped bring this band. Arranged and inspired by big bands, chamber and concert bands and ofcourse Brazilian Rhythms, the Mercury Lounge is such a great venue to hear music in.

And if you are itching for more check out the Jam Session at Arc The Hotel

See you there

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