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JUNE 23 - What You Need To Know

DAY 3!
Day 2 of Dave Holland residency, Janelle Monae and more!

Today's weather is looking amazing for a festival experience with but a few clouds and a high of 26C


12pm @ Rideau Center (FREE)

Lucas Haneman Trio
Lucas Haneman – guitar
Paul VanDyk – upright bass
Evan Tighe – drums
Lucas is one of my favorite guitarists in the city. He is young, not afraid of the roots of the electric guitar and able to explore the new sound of modern jazz. He is featured on our compilation CD Valley Giants 2012.

2pm @ Rideau Center (FREE)

Four great local singers/songwriters team up for a song and idea exchange. All artists chosen for this embrace many styles of music and art and I know this will be very inspiring and thought-provoking.
Mindy – acoustic guitar and ukulele
Erin Saoirse Adair – vocals, guitar, piano, violin, ukulele
Megan Jerome – piano, vocals
John Carroll – guitar, vocals


This morning will featured our future in jazz - many of the best young musicians around the city will perform. One band every hour:
11:00am – Nepean High School
12:00am – Holy Trinity High School Rhythm and Blues Band
1:00pm – Lisgar Collegiate Senior Jazz Band
2:00pm – Canterbury Senior Jazz Band
3:00pm – The Art of the Jazz Piano Trio- featuring students of Yves Laroche

8pm @ Brookstreet Hotel (FREE)

Boudreau-Elliot Duo
Steve Boudreau – piano
Garry Elliott – guitar
Gary Elliot is a great guitarist in Ottawa, inspired by both jazz and classical music - a beautiful mix that comes out as simply himself. Steve Boudreau recently returned from the prestigious New England Conservatory in Boston, and his knowledge and command of the piano is staggering.

6pm @ Main Stage - Great Canadian Series

Peter Lutek – saxophones
Elwood Epps – trumpet
John Geggie – bass
Jesse Stewart – percussion
David Mott – baritone saxophone
He is not only a master of the Baritone Saxophone, in the vein of John Surman (who will be here the same day), but is also a Karate master! David has a truly unique sound that reaches for the unknown yet is strangely accessible.


5pm @ NAC's Fourth Stage

violin and voice
Iva Bittova makes you understand that making music is a completely neccessary step in the progress of humanity. With a wealth of knowledge about eastern european folk music culture and the skill of a master improviser, Iva is one of my favorite musicians! You can read the blopost I did on her here.

7pm @ NAC's Fourth Stage 

Noah Preminger – tenor saxophone
Dan Tepfer – piano
Joe Martin – bass
Rob Garcia – drums
This band will certainly give you a taste of what's going in New York. Rob Garcia is an incredibly talented drummer, with lots ofexperience in traditional jazz as well as modern jazz approaches, he is also a member of the Brooklyn Jazz Underground.

9pm @ NAC's Fourth Stage

Pierrick Pedron – alto sax
Laurent Coq – piano, Fender Rhodes
Chris De Pauw – guitar
Vincent Artaud – bass
Franck Agulhon – drums
Fabrice Moreau – drumsPart of the Focus France project, Pierrick is great at creatively combining his roots of rock like Neil Young and jazz saxophonists. He is known for his big scale projects to translate his vision. Here is a great project called Cheerleaders

7pm & 9pm at NAC Studio

Gretchen Parlato
Gretchen Parlato – vocals
Taylor Eigsti – piano, keyboard
Burniss Travis II – acoustic bass and electric bass
Jamire Williams – drums
She won the Thelonious Monk Competition the year our very own Kellylee Evans came in second. She has an incredible voice, beautiful sense of phrasing and is one of the most active jazz singers out there; with killer band to boot,what more can you ask for! Check out the more extensive blog post on her here.


7:30pm @ First Baptist Church

Dave Holland – bass
Anouar Brahem – oud
John Surman – saxophones and clarinet
Day two of Dave Holland's residency - I grew up on this record and it is amazing! I do not think John Surman has ever been here as he does not travel all that much, and same with ECM star Anouar Brahem. This is a DO NOT MISS!


7:30pm @ Concerts Under The Stars - Main Stage Confederation Park

Roman GianArthur – lead vocals, guitar
Kellindo – lead guitar
Mike P – drums
T.Brown – keyboard
Hand picked by the great Janelle Monae to open for her.

9pm @ Concerts Under The Stars - Main Stage Confederation Park

Janelle Monae
Janelle Monae – artist
T.Brown – music director / keyboards
Kellindo – guitarist
Mike Phillips – drums
Brandon Gilliard – bass
Marcus Lewis – trombone
Lance Powlis – trumpet
Ashley Edwards – background vocalist
Rae Sherrer – background vocalist
If you are a jazz fan, and you may feel like cringing at this - look closer. Janelle is one of the best performers I have seen. Amazing singer and dancer with a whole slew of great musicians, even as a true jazz fan myself, this is one of the shows I am really looking forward to!

10:15pm OLG Late Night - opening set

Adam Waito - vocals, guitar, kick-drum
Rebecca Lessard – vocals, cello, keyboard
Retrobe comes the new. Think of Polaroids, VCR tapes, indierock and pop!

 11:15pm OLG Late Night - main show

Slim Moore – lead vocals
Mary Caruso – backup vocals & tambourine
Matt Cedricks – alto saxophone & flute
Arland Ellis – tenor saxophone
Johnny Tabana – baritone saxophone
Thibeaux Toussaint – guitar
Donovan Willis – bass
Phil Motion – drums
A great soul band from Ottawa. These guys have been making waves and are definitely worth checking out if you want to dance and hear some good old soul-style music. These guys are also featured on our Compilation CD Valley Giants 2012.

And if you are itching for more check out the Jam Session at Arc The Hotel

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