Sunday, 24 June 2012

JUNE 24 - What You Need To Know

DAY 4 Day three of Dave Holland residency, Marc Ribot, and more... simply slammed with great Jazz!


2pm @ Rideau Center (FREE)

Victor Nesrallah
Victor has been one of the mainstays of the Ottawa music scene. A great guitarist, singer and songwriter he has released 8 solo recordings. This will be a great treat!


This morning will featured our future in jazz - many of the best young musicians around the city will perform. One band every hour:
11:00am – Jazz BD
12:00am – Avalon Middle School
1:00pm – Ottawa Junior Jazz Band
2:00pm – Nepean All-City Jazz Band
3:00pm – Brookfield High School

6pm @ Main Stage - Great Canadian Series

Claude St-Jean – trombone
Marc Villiard – alto saxophone
Yves Turgeon – tenor saxophone
Roberto Murray – baritone saxophone
Joël Brouillette – french horn
Maxime St-Pierre – trumpet
Philippe Legault – tuba
Rémi Leclerc – percussion, electronics
Martin Auguste – drums
I saw this group in Montreal last November and they simply blew me away. They hadthe power of a brass band but played with the agility of a small group. Lots of great layers and strong Montreal line-up!


5pm @ NAC's Fourth Stage

Marc Ribot 
solo guitar
This is one of my personal DO NOT MISS shows. Marc has played with everyone from Tom Waits to Allison Krauss to John Zorn. Incredibly soulful and without fear! Marc is also playing the following day with Allen Toussaint. Check out my more extensive blog post on Marc Ribot here

7pm @ NAC's Fourth Stage

Hélène Labarrière – bass
Francois Corneloup – baritone sax
Hasse Poulsen – guitar
Christophe Marguet – drums
Part of the Focus France project, this renowned French bassist is known as one of the world's great improvisers, she has a perfected an approach that can only be described as visual and cinematic.

9pm @ NAC's Fourth Stage

Maya Homburger – baroque violin
Barry Guy – bass
Lucas Niggli – percussion
I first heard of Barry Guy from the great Joe Morris and have been a fan ever since. He is someone who has dedicated his life to the advancement of improvised music. Tonight is a great night for improvised music, I cannot imagine rounding things off with better group than this.


7:30pm @ Concerts Under The Stars - Main Stage Confederation Park

Grammy Award winning latin jazz band from New York City. With a longstanding residency at Birdland these guys are the best at what they do! This band also features areally great trumpet player Brian Lynch.


9pm @ Concerts Under The Stars - Main Stage Confederation Park

Dave Holland – bass
Kevin Eubanks - guitar
Craig Taborn - piano
Eric Harland - drums
A band of virtuosic specialists. Dave always has a knack for leading great musicians, getting the most out of them. This is the type of group he tends to really shine in... really show of his virtuosity.
As this is a premier performance of this group, there is no footage but here is a sample of what things may sound like:

10:15pm OLG Late Night - opening set

Fanny Bloom
Fanny Grosjean – vocals, synths
Benn Taylor – guitar
Laurence Lafond-Beaulne – bass
Étienne Dupuis Cloutier – synths
Philippe Bilodeau – drums
A francophone artist - 80's influenced, from fun to ambient and electronic, this Montrealer will get things going.

 11:15pm OLG Late Night - main show

Forro in The Dark
Mauro Refosco – zabumba, drums, vocals
Davi Vieira – percussion, vocals
Guilherme Monteiro – guitar, vocals
Jorge Continentino – pifano flute, sax, vocals
Ze Grey – bass
This is also one of my personal DO NOT MISS shows. Forro is a dance music from North-Eastern Brazil and these guys have been doing it in New York City for years. Recognized by David Byrne and many others, whether you are a dancer or a musician - this will be amazing!

And if you are itching for more check out the Jam Session at Arc The Hotel

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