Wednesday, 22 June 2011


for the Ultimate Festival Experience 

1. WATER is something you will definitely need. You do not want to dehydrate, so grab your favorite bottle. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, you could add in a little vitamin in there. Aluminum bottles are good, so are plastic but make sure it's BPA free. The one night you do not need (in fact you will not be allowed) bottled water is tomorrow, Thursday night for Robert Plant. He does not allow it and for your convenience, there will be free water and cups for you to enjoy... one less thing for you to carry.

2. RAIN GEAR It may be sunny but it might also rain and the better you are prepared for both the more fun you will have. You will need a raincoat - there are some that breath but don't protect all that well and there are ones that do the opposite, if you are stuck a garbage bag with some holes in it will do. You will need a hood or a hat, or I like to do both to protect your head from rain and prevent rain from going down your raincoat. Shoes are another thing to consider. If it's raining you may want to go all out and bring rain boots, or if those bother you you could bring galoshes, or rain resistant boots that still breath, and if you feel like embracing the rain, flip flops or sandals are always great! Umbrella is another option but beware of where you sit if you are planning on an umbrella as the people behind you may be staring at the back of your umbrella.
And let me say something to all those afraid of the rain: If you have never danced in the rain... this may be your chance - and if you are prepared for it, some of my favorite life memories are running, listening, dancing and laughing "in the rain".

3. SUN GEAR There are a few things you are going to need to be ready for a day in the sun:
Hats (baseball, straw, whatever breathes and is comfortable for you, yet also takes into account any fashion statement you may want to make). you may also need sun screen, sun glasses, and although we've mentioned it before I am going to say it again - water! (Remember no bottles for Robert Plant night)

4. BUG SPRAY what more can I say...

5. MISCELLANEOUS GEAR You may need some extra things and you may need something to carry those extra things in. So bring a bag, something small and compact, if you'll be around for a while and like to sit, you may want to bring a blanket or perhaps a lawn-chair, plastic garbage bag to put your blanket on if the ground is wet. Socks and a sweater if it gets cold may be a good idea as well. If you are visiting Ottawa, bring a map of the city, if you are high-tech - bring a GPS, and certainly pick up a program that includes a map of the festival site. Money - you don't need a lot but you may want to buy a shirt, a CD or a souvenir.

6. FOOTWEAR – galoshes, rain-boots, sandals, flip flops, back-up sandals, running shoes - what ever is going to make you comfortable!

7. iPHONE or ANDROID If you are interested on staying on top of the trend or just staying connected you may want to bring an iphone or a similar device. The things you can do with these is the following:
- Download the new Ottawa Jazz Fest App to have the schedule at your fingertips
- Download the Virtual Lighter App for those ballads
- Fog Horn App for the right occasions
- which is the address for this blog where you will find all sorts of interesting information. You can also subscribe to this blog on your google reader app 

8. FRIENDS The best way to enjoy just about any experience and certainly the jazz fest experience is with friends. Your friends could be your loved ones, your school friends, co-workers or if you feel like being adventurous, go out and make some new friends. If you are at the park and you find yourself alone you can always look me up and we'll chat.

9. FOOD If you feel like bringing a sandwich you are certainly welcome to and it will be good for your endurance and over all good spirit to eat regularly. However if you are so inclined, check out our food vendors... we've got some goodies over there!

10. GOOD SPIRIT and a sense of adventure will be your best friend at all times! The Festival folks have worked hard to program a wide variety of music that we think you will like. Be adventurous and go check out something you might have never heard of. If you don't like it, go check out something else that might be happening at the same time, but who knows you might just find a gem! I am going to be talking about concerts daily on the blog so check it out and leave comments if you have questions and I will answer them as best as i can.

11. The bonus tip is EXACT CHANGE of $5.50 for the beer tent, so you can get your beer quickly and get back to the show!

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