Saturday, 2 July 2011


Here is what you need to know for today:

Today's weather is looking fabulous! Nice and hot! You can check for updates by visiting WEATHER UPDATE. Make sure to check out our TOP TEN LIST of things to bring and do for an ultimate festival experience

A really strong day on the local front today
12pm Rideau Center, SOL DA CAPITAL will be performing. This group is fronted by Rachel Beausoleil. She will be bringing out a five-piece band that will be diving into the Brazilian repertoire.
2pm Riedau Center MERMAID BEACH will be manning the stage. This group is full of Ottawa's Music Warriors - very experienced versatile musicians that fight on the front lines of music every day. The group includes 
Don Johnson on drums
Garry Elliot on guitar
Mike Tremblay on saxophone
Mark Ferguson on piano/trombone
Normand Claude on bass

12pm OLG, ELISE LETOURNEAU & CAPITAL VOX CHOIR invite you to come and singalong to jazz standards. Elise is a great singer and a gifted educator, if you want to learn a few tips about singing and want to singalong with a whole groups of people, this is for you!
2pm OLG, ROBERT FONTAINE QUARTET will be on stage with his quartet playing original compositions and more. The band is:
Robert Fontaine - drums
Tom Denison - bass
Yves Laroche - piano
Rick Ragno - trumpet

Very special shows at the NAC tonight.

7pm in The Studio will be an OIJF exclusive! KENNY WHEELER with MYRA MELFORD, JON IRABAGON and DIANA TORTO will be on stage. For those of you who do not know about Kenny Wheeler, he is a Canadian born, UK based trumpet player who has spawned a generation of not only trumpet players, but composers... if not a whole genre of jazz. A staple of the ECM label, he has worked with Dave Holland, Lee Konitz, John Taylor and the list would end up taking up the rest of this entry so I'll stop there. He is one of the great legends of this music - THIS IS A SHOW NOT TO MISS!!!!!

7pm, Fourth Stage: ERIK TRUFFAZ 4TET will be on stage. A Blue Note Records recording artist, he has always blurred the line of jazz and electronica, this will be a very creative performance no doubt. 
Erik Truffaz - trumpet
Christophe Chambet - bass
Marc Erbetta - drums
Benoit Corboz - Hammond, piano, Fender Rhodes

9pm at the Fourth Stage, PHRONESIS will be performing. A piano trio of great virtuosity. The group reminds me of a european version of Pilc/Moutin/Hoenig. If you love the freedom and interaction within the genre of Piano trio you will love this!
Jasper Hoiby - bass
Ivo Neame - piano
Anton Eger - drums

7pm at the Fourth Stage is GORD GRDINA TRIO PLUS MATS GUSTAFSSON. Gord Grdina is a Vancouver based guitarists and oud player that is incredible at both instruments and is a fierce virtuosic improviser. If you've seen The Thing or Atomic then you have experienced Mats Gustafsson... this will be killer! Mats also did a great interview for us... check it out Mats Gustaffson Interview.

9pm at the Fourth Stage will be KAZUTOKI UMEZU KIKI BAND. They are huge in Japan. They are fierce and deadly. Based partly on the New York improv scene of the 70's-90's, part on the punk scene and the rest pure energy. 

At 6pm, the TD JAZZ YOUTH SUMMIT will be performing. This is a band lead by the great Jim Lewis, and is made up of the most talented young musicians we could find from all across the country. This band may be young but they play with maturity and fire that will blow you away... seriously!

At 7:30pm, The one and only MATT ANDERSON will be here. This New Brunswick native, plays guitar and sings. he travels solo and packs a serious punch. His last album was recorded at Levon Helm's studio in Woodstock and he is at the top of his game!

9pm, BELA FLECK & THE FLECKTONES are here! We've had a number of Banjo crossover artists at the festival and this is the Godfather of them all. Bela Fleck is a virtuosic banjo player who knows bluegrass inside and out, is a fabulous improvisor and has the chops of a classical virtuoso. His band is always well rehearsed as Bela loves to tour and this will undoubtedly be a slammin' show!

10:30pm OLG, JAGA JAZZIST from Norway continues the party. This is a large ensemble of young-generation Norweigan musicians that are fusing all kinds styles and doing with orchestral imagination. 

Last friday was an incredible show at the Mercury Lounge... this is an incredible venue to see music and if an intimate club setting is more your flavor, check out ILAN BAR-LAVI. The Israeli-Mexican guitarist and composer is here in duo format - two voices, two guitars - he is deeply rooted in jazz with influences ranging from Middle Eastern, to Mexican Bolero to some rock/pop as well.

The Jam Sessions take place at ARC The Hotel located at 140 Slater Street

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