Friday, 6 May 2011

Daniel Lanois Hits Home

One of the shows I'm most excited about at the 2011 TD Ottawa International Jazz Festival is Black Dub. Daniel Lanois came from our backyard here in Ottawa/Hull and besides being one of the most celebrated producers of our time, he’s also put together what is arguably his strongest project to date.

BLACK DUB LIVE TRAILER from Daniel Lanois on Vimeo.

Many of us might know Daniel Lanois from his work with U2, Brian Eno or Peter Gabriel. If you dig deeper you may find he’s also helped shape records for Neil young, Bob Dylan, The Neville Brothers, Willie Nelson… and the list goes on.

One of the reasons so many greats want to work with him, is because Lanois has forged his own voice in production. He is fond of using live performances to “capture the moment”, and enhance the organic nature of music. He brings out all the colors of sound we love in the performers he’s worked with. He loves guitars, a good melody, loves hooks and certainly loves a good groove. The recording of his second to last record Here Is What Is was made into a self-titled documentary, which offers a glimpse into his process.

His latest project pulls together musicians who shine within the Lanois world of music. Black Dub sounds strong and complete – the most direct statement in his solo career to date.

Long-time collaborator Daryl Johnson provides the bass Lanois fans are used to. You can’t really go wrong with Brian Blade on drums, of course known for his work with the Wayne Shorter Quartet… I don’t know a current drummer who does not cite Blade as inspiration. Paraphrasing Ottawa’s own Mike Essoudry: ‘how many drummers would do anything to get to play side by side with Brian Blade’. Trixie Whitley, the young powerful singer who fronts the band, does just that. The daughter of Chris Whitley, Trixie learned music by route, having grown up in the world’s most renowned studios, learning bass, drums and guitar along the way. She is fearless, extraordinary, sings her heart out and plays a slew of instruments. I can’t wait to see this group perform live!

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  1. Looking forward to this show and so many others! Finally got around to volunteering this year too, nice to give back after jazz has given me so much enjoyment. Good luck with the blog!