Monday, 27 June 2011


Yesterday was awesome. Mike's Mash Potato Mashers were brilliant, Pink Martini was sounding great and Soulive from Brooklyn, NY gave Ottawa a party not to forget.

Here is what you need to know for today:

Today is packed to the gills on all stages so get ready for a lot of incredible music!

Today's weather is looking awesome! Blue skies and all! You can check for updates by visiting WEATHER UPDATE. Make sure to check out our TOP TEN LIST of things to bring and do for an ultimate festival experience

CRAIG PEDERSON QUARTET will be on the OLG noon stage playing modern jazz. These guys are very in touch with what's going on, very skilled improvisers and proficient at their instruments so it should be really great to see what they come up with. DJANGO LIBRE will be at Rideau Center at noon. This band plays gypsy-jazz in the style of Django Reinhart and they re great at it!

Two incredible shows tonight at the NAC
BRAD MEHLDAU and JOSHUA REDMAN will be performing at the Studio at NAC and this is very very exciting. These guys don't need much of an introduction - it's going to be brilliant. There is limiting seating so get there early because the demand for this show is unreal. Even if you have a ticket please make sure you're there fifteen minutes before the doors open to ensure you have a seat. There are two sets which will make it easier. Because the project is a duo, they are touring to play indoors only so be respectful to one another and to the volunteers please. Have fun with this one!

7pm at the Fourth Stage will be ELIO VILLAFRANCA, a great Cuban pianist. If you like the rhythms of Cuba and great control of the piano and some great singing... this is your show.

9pm At the Fourth Stage, SISTERS EUCLID will be taking the stage. Led by Kevin Breit, this is a long time group - they are tight, they are organic and they are awesome. Kevin has played with everyone from Norah Jones to our very own jesse Stewart so you'll see me there for sure.

The first outdoor show today is Mark McLean's Playground. This band is full of what I'd call musician's musicians. All-star sidemen and bandleaders in their own right.
Kelly Jefferson – Saxophones
David Braid – Piano and Fender rhodes
Ted Quinlan – Guitar
Marc Rogers – Bass
Mark McLean – Drums

RETURN TO FOREVER IV are here to rock-jazz the main stage. What can I say - Chick Corea is one of the greats and here today live with probably one of the originating fusion bands.

Chick Corea – keyboards
Stanley Clarke – bass
Lenny White – drums
Jean-Luc Ponty – violin
Frank Gambale – guitar

Everyone around the park has been super excited about this one: JILL BARBER, with a beautiful voice, great songs, incredible band and just a great show in general. Barber will definitely bring some class to the OLG late night stage tonight at 10:30pm

The Jam Sessions take place at ARC The Hotel located at 140 Slater Street

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