Sunday, 26 June 2011


Here is what you need to know for today:


Today's weather is looking awesome! The temperature is rising and the rain is going away. You can check for updates by visiting WEATHER UPDATE. Make sure to check out our TOP TEN LIST of things to bring and do for an ultimate festival experience

We have some exciting shows to start things off at the Rideau Center. the last few days there have been really great: strong, strong bands with really receptive audiences so if you can make it down it's a cool place to check out some music at noon and 2pm today. Speaking of today, the Nicole Ratte Jazz Quintet is playing. Nicole is a fabulous singer and her band is made up of some of our busiest sidemen including one of our Music Warriors, Mike Tremblay, so this will be outstanding for sure! Following Nicole is My Tiny Circus, a very cool group combining jazz and the quirkiness of new jazz/folk/pop mentality... so check it out!

Our YOUTH SERIES continues with the following bands:

11:00am – Ottawa Junior Jazz Band
12:00pm – Nepean All-City Jazz Band
1:00pm – La dame et ses valets
2:00pm – Brookfield High School
3:00pm – The Art of the Jazz Piano Trio- featuring students of Yves Laroche

There are two shows at the NAC tonight.
7pm at the Fourth Stage is TANIA GILL - one of my favorite CD's that I have heard this year is her quartet. She is from Toronto a part of an incredible label and movement called Barnyard Records and has a fabulous quartet with her including Jim Lewis - trumpet, Clinton Ryder - bass and Jean Martin - drummer.
Also at 7pm is the Grammy-Winning crooner Kurt Elling, in an intimate setting with a small band it should be a pretty great concert.

These guys have been on a rampage and are doing incredibly well. They have toured all over Ontario Festivals this month and are at the top of their game. Lead by one of our very own Music Warriors, Mike Essoudry, this band is going to be doing a good old fashioned parade around the park. Do not miss this!!!

And our main stage is going to be masterfully transformed by the Portland-based group PINK MARTINI. They are guaranteed to put on an amazing show. Their lead singer China Forbes will be replaced by the talanted Lucy Woodward due to medical reasons. It's been raingin so far and the main stage has been incredible, if the weather is going to be clear as the forecast promises, this will surely be a party.

Our late night OLG stage will be occupied tonight by SOULIVE. This group is a powerhouse that have shared the stage with Stevie Wonder, John Scofield and many many more. Their new record takes the songs of the Beatles and they get very creative with it. They are one of two Organ Trios that we have at this festival and I simply love that whole sound so this one will be very cool.

The Jam Sessions take place at ARC The Hotel located at 140 Slater Street, Ottawa, ON K1P 5H6

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