Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Yesterday was in full swing. Raving reviews from everyone who went to Brad Mehldau and Joshua Redman! Sisters Euclid and Ellio Villafranca were both brilliant at Fourth Stage and the charismatic Jill Barber with her smokey voice just rocked the house. Nice turnout for Return to Forever IV and jam session was packed! Here comes a little more

Here is what you need to know for today:

Today's weather is looking more like rain but warm so bring some gear and you should be fine. There is lots of music going on inside and outside so don't let the rain be a deterrent. You can check for updates by visiting WEATHER UPDATE. Make sure to check out our TOP TEN LIST of things to bring and do for an ultimate festival experience

The old guard are at the Rideau Center today at noon. MAGNOLIA RHYTHM KINGS They've been a staple of the series as long as it's run and it's nice to hear these guys play with authenticity.
CHRISTINE FAGAN has a really amazing group she is bringing to the OLG at noon! It's a real treat to get to hear Roddy Ellias, John Geggie and Jamie Gullikson so don't miss it!

Three incredible shows tonight at the NAC
The Studio will have CHRISTIAN MCBRIDE AND INSIDE STRAIGHT. Christian McBride is a virtuosic bassist, who seemed to come out of nowhere in the 90's and got his name playing with Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, Roy Haynes and eventually just about every big name in jazz. Christian is a great blend between the old-school strong jazz feel and modern virtuosity. His band complements that character well - They'll definitely keep you on your toes.
Christian McBride – bass, leader
Warren Wolf – vibes
Peter Martin – piano
Steve Wilson – sax
Ulysses Owens – drums

5pm at the Fourth Stage is KOPTOR - this is an up and coming band from Copenhagen lead by a Canadian raised Kevin Brow. I first met Kevin in Toronto years ago playing with the great bassist Jim Vivian and Kevin was on fire. Very strong-handed with a very creative brand of drumming, Kevin's writing is very forward looking! If you like rhythmic layers (as in Claudia Quintet) you will love this! Also not to miss Ottawa raised, Brooklyn based Rob Mosher is an incredible, incredible!!! saxophonist.

7pm PILC/MOUTIN/HOENIG will take the Fourth Stage and they will be amazing! All known to be "music scientists", their virtuosity is unparallelled. Francois Moutin earned a Doctorate in physics by the time he was 24 but chose music over science and is simply remarkable on the bass. Ari Hoenig a drummer with perfect pitch who is known to play the drums with the harmonic command of a pianist... and Jean-Michel Pilc is simply a fireball on the piano, known for his work with Dave Liebman.

9pm At the Fourth Stage has been canceled due to medical reasons!

CHET DOXAS will be at the stage at 6:30pm. He was nominated for a JUNO this year and is really one of our important saxophonists today. He is one of the few guys that sound fresh and has incredible control of his instrument. His brother Jim Doxas is Oliver Jones' regular drummer and the two are great to watch together. They will be joined by Paul Shrofel on piano and Rick Rosato on bass.

HUGH MASEKELA will on main stage. As most of you know Youssou N'Dour had to cancel his whole Canadian tour and we were lucky enough to get this man. He was a big part of South Africa's freedom movement right around when Nelson Mandella became president. He is a grammy award winning trumpet player and singer and this should be a great show!

DARCY JAMES ARGUE'S SECRET SOCIETY will be at OLG at 10:30pm. He has been getting a ton of attention with a Grammy Nomination this year. This Vancouver raised, Brooklyn based composer is armed with some of the best of the young generation in his band including Ingrid Jensen on trumpet. Joining him will be two Ottawa raised musicians, trombonist Mike Fahie and pianist Gordon Webster. Darcy was kind enough to give us a great interview - you can check that out here: DARCY JAMES ARGUE INTERVIEW 

The Jam Sessions take place at ARC The Hotel located at 140 Slater Street

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