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Pilc Moutin Hoening

One of the things we love about jazz is the personalities. The unique voice of a musician who has figured out his or her own way of saying something. The only thing that might grab our attention even more is a band of such strong personalities. A band as such is certainly the Pilc/Moutin/Hoenig Trio.

First we have pianist Jean-Michel Pilc. The self-taught native of France has been living in New York City since 1996. He has refined his musicianship playing with artists like Dave Liebman, Kenny Garrett, Lenny White, John Abercrombie and Michael Brecker. When asked about his concept for the trio in an interview for Jazz Improv, Pilc answered: “No concept, never. I don't think about music. When I compose or play, music just goes through me, like a conduit. My only goal is to stand as little as possible in the way”. Jean-Michel Pilc - Powerful and inventive!

Next there is Francois Moutin, a bassist of unparalleled virtuosity. Moutin was born in Paris and by the age of 24 he earned a degree in engineering and a doctorate in physics. Fortunately for us, Moutin chose a career in music. Still in his 20’s Moutin was a member of the Martial Solal Trio and looking at list of people he has played with is like looking at a festival line-up. In 1997 he moved to New York and has become a fixture of the city’s scene. Francois Moutin - the scientist!

And last but not least there is the drummer Ari Hoenig. A Philadelphia native, who studied at the legendary University of North Texas has, like the other two members, played with just about everyone under the moon including Kenny Werner, Chris Potter…etc. Ari has carved out a melodic way of playing the drums. A student of the violin and piano, he has great control of melody and harmony – this sensibility is a signature of his drumming. Ari Hoenig - the melorhythmic master!

Together they make a trio that you should not miss! Composed of such individual talent and personality, the strength of this group is that they have played so much together, the group has been around since the year 2000 and only gets better with every performance. Here is a recent performance of the trio at Winterjazzfest.

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