Friday, 12 August 2011


Carleton University is running its Jazz Camp which ends today. I had a chance to talk to Alex Dean, the great saxophonist from Toronto who is one of the faculty members. I certainly experienced a really great vibe visiting half-way through. I got the chance to play a bit with Alex Dean and was reminded why he is one of our greats - big powerful sound and playing of the utmost confidence! He also gave me a copy of his new CD called At This Point which is out on Cornerstone Records. The cast: Brian Dickinson on piano, Kieran Overs on bass, Ted Warren on drums and Lorne Lofsky on guitar, they certainly brought their game to the recording... one worth listening to.

To that, it is worth taking a look at Cornerstone Records , an artist run record label that has been around for quite a long time and is a trademark of a scene of musicians of Dean's generation. Some great records on this label.

The Carleton Jazz Camp is a great way to spend a week learning how to play - love the vibe and the faculty!

This year's faculty:
Mike Tremblay - sax/camp director; Alex Dean - saxophone; Kieran Overs - bass; Mike Essoudry - drums; Jesse Stewart - percussion/improvising; Elise Letourneau - voice; Nick Dyson - trumpet; Brian Browne - piano; Tim Bedner - guitar; Mark Ferguson - trombone/piano; James Wrigh - piano/theory.

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