Thursday, 20 October 2011

John Stetch - Fabled States

Some of you may be familiar with the work of John Stetch, some of you may not. Personally every time I revisit the pianist I am simply blown away. John is virtuosic and pays careful attention to detail in his work. I wanted to put a little attention on his new record called Fabled States which is out on Addo Records. Although his technique resembles that of a concert pianist and his sense of the 'big picture' and composition is like carefully planned orchestration, the roots of John's music is most definitely jazz. I think this is quite unique... John has created his own approach as a pianist and composer. The new record includes two incredible musicians Joe Martin on bass and another former Canadian living in New York, drummer Greg Ritchie. John was born in Edmonton where John's uncles started the famed Edmonton Jazz Club Yardbird Suite. Stetch sites many influences from all kinds of styles of music, all of which he took with him to McGill University. He later relocated to New York, where he played with many household names in the jazz world, notably working as Rufus Reid's pianist for a decade. Eleven recordings and five Juno Award nominations later, John currently lives in Ithaca, NY where he teaches and continues his work as the forward looking pianist he is.

This is an album very worth checking out, serious, comical, virtuosic, playfull and much more!

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