Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Fringe 40 years of Boston jazz tradition

If anyone saw the Downbeat Magazine this month you've probably read the story on The Fringe. George Garzone, Bob Gulloti and John Lockwood, all busy sidemen and educators in their own right, have been holding a steday gig for forty years! How rare is that? Now there have been bands out there that have been together for a long time, and perhaps being together for forty years alone does not warrant more than a nod... but hats off to this trio for being so active in the jazz community.

The time I had spent in Boston The Fringe held their residency at The Zeitgeist (now known as the Lilly Pad). I lived literally two blocks away from where they played and, retrospectively, I should have been there every week. The times I went it was awesome! Garzone's giant tone would fill the room and his lines and ideas were relentless... really his own after years of working out his version of how the saxophone should be played. John Lockwood and Bob Gullotti danced a fine ballance of holding it down and letting it rip! The great thing is that the subs and guests in the band were always a surprise and seemd like a natural play between friends. It was more than once that Joe Lovano would show up, Francisco Mela, Leo Genovese... anyone could show up and blow off the roof. The audience full of hungry ears of students would just eat it all up!

Here is a nice example of the great energy the band is known for:

And here is The Fringe and a couple of guests (Jeff Galindo and Leo Genovese - who will be here with Esperanza Spalding this summer) at home at the Lilly Pad in Boston:

Love it!

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