Monday, 4 June 2012

Folk Goes Jazz

The Headliners, the Studio Shows, Improv Series, Late Night OLG - these are all incredible and I could easily write about pretty much every show but I wanted to draw your attention to a few of the local shows as well, because there are some pretty unique shows coming up that are entirely free. We have in fact put together a whole Compilation CD of local artists called Valley Giants 2012, which you can get fro free by contacting us.

The one that took the most work to organize is also the one I am most excited about. I myself as a musician call on many styles of music for inspiration, and what is a pretty clear cross-pollination these days is the world of folk music and jazz. As a jazz musician I have collaborated with folk musicians ever since I can remember and so have my heroes. Stan Getz with Joao Gilberto comes to mind as a great Brazilian singer/songwriter teaming up with a great jazz saxophonist.
Both folk/songwriting and jazz worlds seem to be deeply interested and respectful of each other. Jazz musicians are always trying to get as much story into their music as a great singer would... in fact mimicking a folk singer is not uncommon to learn how to phrase. Singer/Songwriters on the other hand appreciate the possibilities that jazz musicians offer in versatility as much as in technique.

What we have done for you at the Rideau Center on a fine Saturday afternoon, is put together four singer/songwriters whom I greatly respect as original voices in this city. An original voice is music that comes from within itself, inspired by anything and everything relevant to the artist. These four artists will share their ideas and songs. This is a great opportunity to get some perspective on the art of songwriting and making original music.

Folk Goes Jazz
Saturday June 23rd at 2pm
Rideau Center
will feature:
Megan Jerome - piano, vocals
Dynamite Motel - vocals, and string instruments
Erin Saoirse Adair - guitar, vocals
John Carroll - guitar, vocals

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