Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Great Guitars of the Festival

As I was going through the schedule I realized the amazing selection of guitar players we have. They all have a different approach and all are amazing in their own right:

From Seattle, US one of my favorite guitarists who has developed his own voice that embodies both the avante garde as it does americana in every sense of the world. Here is Bill Frisell:

Playing with Bill Frisell, Greg is an incredible pedal steel player

Playing with an incredible trio called Big Satan, Marc is a master improviser from France

Ottawa's very own guitar virtuoso is appearing at the 4th Stage with the one and only Marc Copeland.

One of the most unique blues guitarists, his phrasing and sound is so clear and identifialbe

Probably most known as the guitarist on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Kevin is a hired gun in the Dave Holland band this week.

John Mayall
One of the legends!

One of the most in demand guitarists across all styles. Marc Ribot is playing a solo show as well as a show with Allen Toussaint.

Ray has a beautiful feel and a depth of knowledge of the roots of blues and blues guitar. 

One of Ottawa's great soulful guitarists appears on the Rideau Center stage with his group

Wayne is a mostly rock-rooted guitarist who is not afraid of tackling anything

Garry's wealth of knowledge both in jazz and classical music always comes through

Vince is a great local guitarist whose playing stems across styles but is well rooted in early acoustic blues

A great young guitarist who just completed his studies at McGill University in Montreal

Tim is a US transplant to Ottawa, a place he has called home for a while now. A wonderful guitarist:

Another incredible young Ottawa guitarist

A Toronto guitarist playing with Maria Fahrina and later with Kieran Overs

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