Friday, 8 June 2012

Mederic Collignon - unbelievable!

Ottawa, you are in for a treat with Focus France - an initiative between our festival, the French Embassy and with the cooperation of many other festivals across the country.

As part of Focus France, you are going to experience some of the best in the future of jazz and improvised music from that country. Mederic Collignon is one of these artists. Although he was scheduled to appear last year, a severe injury resulted in the postponement of his entire tour. Now he is back to wow and to inspire!
Mederic Collignon is a singer and trumpeter and does both with incredible clarity and personality. His vocal acrobatics reminds me of Toronto's Christine Duncan but of course with a different vocabulary. He can switch from Operatic vocalizations, to beat-boxing, to imitating a didgeridoo, to splitting his voice in what seems like an impossible way: and he can alternate between these with the agility of a gymnast and fluency of a great DJ.

Then, there is Mederic Collignon the pocket trumpet player. The Pocket Trumpet gives him a unique edge as it is a hard to play and high-pitched instrument - the result being a very personalized voice. What comes across on both voice and trumpet, is Mederic's musicality: it is an art to gather a personal vocabulary of sounds and have something clear to say - Collignon is improvisational sensibility at its best!

Here is a couple of videos highlighting Mederic's versatility as an Avant Garde vocalist and as a trumpet player with his quartet that will be performing at the Ottawa Jazz Festival.

Mederic Collignon "Jus de Bosce"
will be performing at
NAC's Fourth Stage
June 28th at 9pm
Buy tickets

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