Friday, 19 October 2012

David S. Ware - a legend gone

A great legend has left us last night in the hospital in New Jersey at the age of 63. David S Ware was one of our most powerful saxophonists, with a recognizable sound, a sophisticated yet folky approach to improvising and a spirit to inspire. I first learned about David when he was signed to Columbia in 1997 by Brandford Marsalis with a beautiful record featuring William Parker, Mathew Shipp and Susie Ibarra. With dozens of albums as a leader, David was also a member of the Cecil Taylor Unit, Andrew Cyrille's Maono amongst others. For well over a decade David has been working with Steven Joerg and his label AUM Fidelity to connect his music with fans all over the world. Steven sent out an email announcing David's passing last night:
"It is with great difficulty that I type these words.  David's family has informed me that he passed earlier tonight at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ.  His physical body failed but his spirit was completely ready to move onward. 
There will be news forthcoming on a memorial service and we'll inform you of this when it becomes available.
"A giant" doesn't even begin to describe this man.  David had a whole lot more to teach us.  I know I had a whole lot more to learn from him, but am elementally and eternally grateful for all that he offered and revealed in his time here on this earth."
I have had the pleasure of working on the recordings of David S Ware several occasions as a recording engineer - recording, mixing and mastering some of his recent albums which was always a tremendous insight into David's intimate and raw approach to improvising... a way of life. I am very grateful to have met such a great artist and human being.


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