Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Jeremy Udden's Plainville

Jazz & Roots
I love the raw "tell it how it is" attitude of country and old gospel bluegrass. But I also love Jazz, I love the improvisation aspect, I love the instrumentation, and I love the possibilities. Last time in the posting What Is Jazz, I talked about bluegrass that has opened its arms to jazz and improvising on a more complex level than usual - hence we explored briefly the world of Chris Thile and his band The Punch Brothers. Saxophonist Jimmy Giuffre was the other person we explored as he is the one who started going in the other direction with his album "The Western Suite". Well continuing on that road, I would love to tell you all about Jeremy Udden.
A great Boston raised, New England Conservatory graduate, Brooklyn based alto saxophonist is one of my favorite musicians that is fusing the sounds of acoustic folk/country/songwriter and jazz. With long forms that are almost trance like, and a band that understands the aesthetic of "the slow build", Jeremy with his mellow sound and beautiful time feel plays circles on this music. The band is amazing:
Jeremy Udden - alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet
Pete Rende - Fender Rhodes, pump organ, prophet, wurlitzer
Brandon Seabrook - banjo, guitar, 12-string guitar
Eivin Opsvik - acoustic bass
R. J.Miller - drums
Nathan Blehar - nylon-string guitar, vocals, guitar
Will Graefe - steel-string accoustic guitar
Justin Keller - vocals 

He has a new record out called If The Past Seems So Bright which is out on Sunnyside and it's definitely worth checking out!

Jeremy Udden's album is available on Sunnyside

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