Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Majestic Silver Strings

Buddy Miller not afraid of anything - guitar heaven!

Alright who saw Robert Plant's Band Of Joy this summer? The feel on that stage was incredible right? Relaxed and groovin' right from the get go... the result of putting together simply a smoking band and then touring together for months on end. Well what makes up such a musician that is part of a "smoking" band in today's world?
Perhaps it takes someone who has a strong and developed musical personality. In fact, a musician has to be convinced that what they are doing is the most important thing... the belief has to be practically religious if there is any hope of persuading anyone else! While being fully grounded in ones own direction, such an all-round musician must be, well... well-rounded. Curiosity in music that will broaden his/her horizon and therefore become a deeper, better musician is key. It is the balance between sticking to ones own direction and being open to the path of others that makes such a strong person, human being and musician.
Well in the case of The Band of Joy, such a musician might be Buddy Miller. The project was pretty much under his direction, and it is his strength as a musician and musical visionary that has some of the best talents in the business trust in him. He holds the title of instrumentalist of the year by the American Music Association and seems to be involved in all things Americana.
What does this have to do with jazz you might ask? Well no matter how pop or how country or blues you go, you won't get far without crossing paths with jazz. Buddy Miller takes on such a crossroad without hesitation on his new record called The Majestic Silver Strings. Among a slew of guest musicians, the band is drummer Jay Bellerose, bassist Dennis Crouch and guitarists Bill Frisell, Marc Ribot and Greg Leisz... sounds like a certain guitar heaven right?
Many folks have been more and more interested in such cross genre explorations... and the blend of blues, country and jazz  is gaining momentum!

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